Contributor Guidelines Guidelines for submissions

 Average submission length: 900-1200 Words

We ask that you discuss subjects in a universal or generic sense and
avoid commercial messaging. To underline your expertise, or reference your company’s products, we ask that you convey the message with case studies, numerical figures, customer examples, or market data. Please try to quantify any and all information when possible.

We encourage you to include a short biography of the author.

Primarily, we require the correct spelling of the author’s name, corporate affiliations, and title. If your submission otherwise includes images, other multimedia, or may require a layout customization, please let us know as soon as you can. We can accommodate most requests if we have several days to prepare.

We reserve the right to edit the story how we see fit. Any suggestions are encouraged, but the final decision is that of TelecomEngine.

Lastly, we ask that the article is exclusive to us, meaning it will not be published or posted elsewhere.