ThreatModeler Releases Cloud Edition for Amazon Web Services (AWS) – Provides AWS Developers with Automated and Continuous Threat Management

New Service Gives Companies Proactive Information about Security Threats and the Appropriate Mitigations for AWS Environments

ThreatModeler™, provider of the industry’s #1 Automated Threat Modeling Platform, announced today the release of its ThreatModeler Cloud Edition for Amazon Web Services (AWS). The new offering provides organizations with a trusted tool for vastly reducing the time required to secure their cloud infrastructures. It gives clients a proactive method for identifying threats in a matter of hours, so they can confidently migrate digital assets without compromising security.

ThreatModeler is the leading threat modeling platform available on the marketplace today. Being lift-and-shift or design-cloud native, with security in mind, the Cloud Edition for AWS automates both in-house and cloud infrastructures for AWS, so companies can quickly scale their threat modeling process across multiple environments and their entire DevOps portfolio. It produces outputs that give companies consistent and actionable insights into attack surface issues, across their entire IT footprint. The ThreatModeler Cloud Edition for AWS is accessible and out-of-the-box with pre-defined templates of multiple AWS architectures and the ability to create custom architectures quickly and easily.

“For a company that’s building critical business capabilities onto AWS environments, security is a top priority,” said Archie Agarwal, CEO and Founder of ThreatModeler. “With ThreatModeler Cloud Edition for AWS, we provide developers with a simple-to-use tool to proactively spot threats. They simply download the relevant threat model from our library and can easily make adjustments. It provides continuous monitoring and automation for DevOps projects within AWS environments, so organizations can maximize the ROI of their cloud initiatives. This new capability is just another reason we are and will remain the industry’s leading automated threat modeling platform.”

According to Mark Meyer, Chief Revenue Officer of ThreatModeler, ThreatModeler Cloud Edition is the first of many strategic initiatives planned by ThreatModeler for Fortune 1000 security organizations in 2019.

“This new offering is just the beginning for our application security platform in the Cloud. ThreatModeler has long been the industry leader in threat modeling and helping organizations shift left. Now by providing a platform for lift and shift for Cloud native applications, ThreatModeler is increasingly being recognized as the industry gold-standard against which others are evaluated,” Myer said.

ThreatModeler provides companies with significant ROI by removing the need to hire full-time cybersecurity staff. It allows teams to assess and resolve threats before they happen, through an automated solution that stands out from manually-based competitive platforms.

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