New IIoT Conference at Hannover Messe to Guide Industrial Tech Buyers

The IoT M2M Council (IMC), the largest trade organization dedicated to the Internet of Things, will join forces with Hannover Messe, the world’s largest manufacturing trade show, to produce a conference that will give practical advice on procuring IoT technology solutions. Machine communication has become an integral part of advanced manufacturing, allowing for predictive maintenance in production lines, more efficient supply chains, and many other benefits. Hannover Messe has been a focal point for these cutting-edge technologies, but the IMC’s IIoT Infrastructure Conference will take a new approach, focusing on practical issues of procurement for industrial buyers.

“The industrial IoT is in many ways a convergence of operational technology and information technology,” says Volkhard Bregulla, the IMC’s chairman and vice president for manufacturing, automotive and IoT at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. “A plurality of our IMC rank-and-file members represent the operational-technology industry, as do visitors to the show. Our role as an industry accelerator is to help educate these people about the value of IT and communications technologies, and in doing so, speed deployment cycles. The new IIoT Infrastructure Conference will be an excellent fit for our IMC mission.”

The conference will consist of panel discussions about selecting connectivity for industrial applications, advances in edge computing hardware, and selection criteria for IIoT software platforms. It’s clear that industrial IoT applications (sometimes referred to as “IIoT”) will be one of the very largest application sectors for the nascent technology. The IMC is also the exclusive IoT Infrastructure partner for the Consumer Electronics Show, the world’s largest trade event for electronics that are embedded in automobiles, housewares, medical devices, and wearables sectors – another set of large-scale applications for the technology.

The IMC’s IIoT Infrastructure Conference @ Hannover Messe will take place on the afternoon of Thursday, 4 April 2019 at the Conference Center located centrally on the Hannover fair grounds. For more information, including specific details about sponsoring the conference program, please click here.