The Net Neutrality Battleground

The battle for/against Net Neutrality rages on as the FCC puts congress on notice, states fight the federal government, broadband service users fight against carriers, and more.

No More Net Neutrality: The Impacts 

The recent ruling change will impact many different types of companies including:

  • Internet Access Companies:
    • Tier I, II, and III Internet Service Providers
    • Inter-Carrier Exchange and Peering providers
    • Cellular Service Providers, MNO, MVNO
    • Wireless, WiFi, WiMax Service Providers
    • Local and Long-Distance Backbone Providers
    • Satellite Internet Service Providers
    • Edge and Hosting Providers
  • Internet Dependent Companies:
    • Web Hosting Providers
    • Cloud and Managed Service Hosting Providers
    • Social Networking Companies
    • Email and other Messaging Companies
    • Voice and Video Communications Companies
  • E-Commerce:
    • Large and Small Online Store Companies
    • Reseller Platform, Logistics Companies
    • Second Market, Classifieds Companies
  • Media Streaming:
    • Video Streaming Companies
    • On-Demand TV Companies
    • Live Sports or News Streaming Companies
    • Music Streaming Service Companies
    • Remote AV Meeting Companies
  • Gaming:
    • Online Gaming Companies
    • VR Provider Companies
    • Mobile Gaming Companies
  • Education:
    • Online Learning Institutions
  • Consumer Groups:
    • Advocacy Groups
    • Political Action Committees
  • Politics:
    • Political Action Committees
    • Local, Regional or National Political Parties
    • Local, Regional or National Politicians and Staff

Virtually any consumer, business or group in the United States that depends on Internet access and interaction to sustain their activities will be impacted!!

Prepared for Mind Commerce by leading expert, John Bysinger, Understanding Net Neutrality and the Impact of the Recent FCC Ruling, provides a technical background and description of the challenges, discussion of points of debate both pro and con, description of the rules themselves, understanding the FCC leadership team, the future impact of the changes, guidelines for acting on legislation and evaluations of how ISPs, consumers, and politicians will react to the change.