Garland Technology Announces the Release of the PacketMAX™ Advanced Features and Advanced Aggregator at CiscoLive!

Garland Technology, a leading provider of network test access point (TAP) and packet broker solutions, today announced, ahead of CiscoLive! Barcelona 2019, the release of two new products from their PacketMAX™ purpose-built packet broker line, developed to increase efficiency and utilization of existing network infrastructure.

“Garland’s focus is on providing the highest quality, best-in-class solutions for today’s Network Visibility Fabrics. As networks continue to grow we saw the need to launch a high density TAP aggregation device,” states Jerry Dillard, Chief Technical Officer, Garland Technology. “With the increased volume of traffic, our customers’ tools are struggling to keep up, so we looked for a way to reduce the number of packets being processed. We solved this with our PacketMAX™ Advanced Features, which can reduce traffic by up to 50% by removing duplicates and giving our customers the option of stripping off the payload.”


PacketMAX™: 10G Advanced Features – is a hardware device that provides advanced features such as deep window deduplication, Network Time Protocol (NTP) time stamping, and configurable packet slicing for both inline and out-of-band applications. Deduplication and packet slicing can significantly reduce the processing overhead from security or monitoring tools.

PacketMAX™: 100G 64 Port Advanced Aggregator  – improves ROI by reducing the total cost of a network visibility fabric and increasing the efficiency of existing infrastructure. The 100G 64 port Advanced Aggregator provides high density TAP aggregation and speed conversion with up to 256 10G interfaces managed on a single platform.

The continuous release of new products reflect the ongoing momentum Garland Technology is delivering to its customers worldwide.