Game-changing Technologies Converging on OSS

Directly or indirectly, OSS will fundamentally influence service providers’ ability to deliver on promises

The communications industry finds itself on the precipice of major change as a result of an array of technologies that have the potential to transform the way the industry operates and the commercial landscape that it operates within. Initiatives such as cloud delivery, network virtualization, network security, Big Data, Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics, orchestration and automation, wireless sensor networks, IoT/ M2M, Self-organizing Networks (SON) and more are all fighting for the attention of ICT executives.

They are also all fighting for precious implementation resources on the promise of the business outcomes that they can deliver. Each of these technologies has developed a great deal of hype and sex appeal within the industry but they will only get beyond the hype stage if service providers are able to operationalise and garner a return on investment.

Directly or indirectly, Operational Support Systems (OSS) will fundamentally influence each technology’s ability to operationalise and deliver on their promises. OSS are collectively the set of tools that are used by a Communications Service Provider (CSP) to design, deploy, monitor and maintain the content / networks / services that their customers pay to use. The relationship is a simple one – if the operational tools can’t deliver and maintain services to customers then the abovementioned technologies can’t deliver value to the service provider.

Operational management tools are often an afterthought, considered only after the big investment contracts for a new technology are signed. “The Changing Landscape of OSS,” brings operational tools to the forefront, discussing how they may help or hinder the delivery of many of the technologies that are touted to become cornerstones of the communications industry in years to come.

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Technologies Impacting and Impacted by Operational Support Systems (OSS)
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There are significant changes underway in the CSP industry that are causing fundamental re-evaluations of business models, technology stacks and service offerings. These disruptions to the status quo are similarly influencing, and being influenced by, OSS. This research assesses a range of relatively nascent technologies that have the potential to change the dynamic of OSS, whether via the networks they manage, or as building blocks on which to build better OSS tools.


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