The Evolution of Internet of Things (IoT) Platforms

From Purpose-built to General Purpose

Mind Commerce Staff

IoT Platforms represents those systems (software, hardware, and middleware) that enable IoT network, device, application, and service management.  This includes connectivity, device administration, identity management, permissions control, data management, APIs, SDKs, and more.

Many of the initial IoT Platforms are purpose-built.  Longer term, Mind Commerce sees the need for more General Purpose IoT Platforms as there is certain functionality that will be important to handle the many and varied functions involved in IoT management.

General purpose IoT Platforms will need to support certain key functions including:

  • IoT Platforms and Data Management: An important function of IoT platforms will be to continuously generate, collect, share, and utilize data about users and for users.
  • IoT Platforms and Distributed Computing: One of the key architecture issues for IoT is to support a distributed Cloud arrangement known as Fog Computing.
  • IoT Platform Mediation and Orchestration: Orchestration is an essential aspect of service oriented architecture, virtualization, provisioning, converged Infrastructure, and various datacenter issues.
  • IoT Platforms and IoT OS and APIs: The success of IoT Platforms will depend on a variety of operating systems (OS) and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) supporting the IoT standard.
  • IoT Platforms and Virtual to Real Control: Platforms will support virtual-to-real, real-to-virtual, and even virtual-to-virtual control for IoT applications and services.

As IoT evolves, there will be an increasing need for IoT Platforms to provide the mediation and orchestration roles discussed within this report.  Longer term, there will be a need for intermediation as companies open up their operations to allow for sharing of IoT data and service interactions.

IoT will benefit greatly from Artificial Intelligence (AI).  IoT Platforms will become the central hub for integration, management, and operations of AI, both for centralized processing as well as distributed processing in the so-called Fog Computing devices.

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