Coriant Unveils Multi-Sided Platform Innovation Ecosystem for Revenue-Generating Service Acceleration

Coriant Multi-Sided Solutions Showcase at Mobile World Congress 2018 Features Disruptive Innovations Redefining 5G, IoT, Cloud, Video, and Multi-Access Edge Compute Services

Coriant, a global supplier of open, disruptive, and hyperscale networking solutions for service providers and web-scale Internet operators, today unveiled a Multi-Sided Platform Partner Program that significantly expands the revenue-generating service value of the Coriant solutions portfolio. Building upon Coriant’s open, software-centric, and collaborative approach to network transformation, the new Multi-Sided Platform Partner Program combines Silicon Valley-style disruptive innovation with comprehensive lifecycle service management capabilities to help network operators accelerate the introduction of highly differentiated end-user services and applications including: 5G, IoT, Cloud, and Industrial Internet.

“As the pace of digital transformation accelerates and the market for communications services intensifies, ecosystems have never been more critical,” said Homayoun Razavi, Chief Customer Officer and Executive Vice President of Global Sales & Digital Marketing, Coriant. “To stay competitive, companies undergoing digital transformation seek an unbiased approach to sourcing end-to-end solutions that deliver innovation. Our Multi-Sided Platform Partner Program enhances our ability to deliver best-in-breed innovations. Optimized for the highest performance value at the lowest costs, these solutions leverage proven lifecycle management capabilities that accelerate time-to-revenue.”

The Coriant Multi-Sided Solutions Showcase at Mobile World Congress 2018 will feature service-enabling innovations from its new ecosystem of partners, including: ADTRAN, Bluechip Systems, Crunch Media Works, Engineered Fluids, Federated Wireless, nuPSYS and Openwave Mobility. Complementing the Coriant Hyperscale Carrier Architecture and Coriant Transcend™ Software Suite, the Coriant Multi-Sided Solutions Showcase highlights innovative products and technologies spanning mobility, IoT, cloud, data center, video optimization, security, and Multi-access Edge Compute (MEC):

Open, SDN-programmable NG-PON2 access – A highly scalable, CORD-based solution supporting converged residential broadband, SLA-based enterprise and 5G front/backhaul services. The solution showcase will also feature SDN/NFV-enabled multi-layer, multi-domain provisioning between the Coriant Transcend™ Symphony Transport Controller and the world’s most open and complete Software-Defined Access (SD-Access) architecture. (ADTRAN Mosaic)

Secure, intelligent, plug and play innovation for mobility and IoT – Innovative security technology that brings secure computation, storage, and communication to a wide variety of devices, and can provide a full end-to-end solution in telecom network environments. (Bluechip Systems)

Disruptive class of video optimization tools – Video optimization tools that deliver 30 to 80 percent smaller videos compared to the most optimal in the industry, while maintaining the same perceptible quality. Five years of video analyses and research in conjunction with EPFL Switzerland led to this patent-pending, codec-agnostic technology that uses machine learning and automates the process of choosing the right set of encoding parameters for a video based on its content. (Crunch Media Works)

‘Deploy Anywhere’ high-density, distributed compute capabilities – Enabled by eco-friendly, micro-data centers based on a revolutionary liquid immersion cooling solution that cuts power by as much as 60 percent, increases density by as much at 80 percent and extends the reach of high-powered, multi-access, edge compute solutions to virtually any environment to enable new enterprise services. (Engineered Fluids)

Cloud-based Spectrum Controller – Pioneering Spectrum Controller that delivers software-defined spectrum through a cloud-based Spectrum Access System (SAS) empowering a revolution in shared spectrum possibilities on CBRS 3.5 GHz and future bands. (Federated Wireless)

Simplified deployment and management of MEC, Data Centers, and IoT assets – Physical and virtual 3-D visualization tool for data center modeling, planning, and operating that enables the easy, cost effective, and predictable deployment of everything from distributed compute capabilities to remote surveillance cameras for MEC, data centers and IoT. (nuPSYS)

Mobile data and traffic management – Proven track record of delivering innovation and consistent quality of experience for video and all-IP traffic for mobile data access. The fully NFV solution enables mobile operators to maximize their network, to manage and monetize IP traffic (encrypted & unencrypted) at the lowest total cost of ownership. (Openwave Mobility)

Coriant’s tiered Multi-Sided Platform Partner Program provides customers a flexible, co-creation business model for new revenue-generating services that encompasses the seamless introduction of disruptive technologies as well as comprehensive go-to-market and lifecycle support capabilities that accelerate time-to-revenue. Highlights include:

Validation and system integration – ecosystem orchestration, solution testing, integration, installation, and commissioning

Sales enablement – product definition, CRM, sales training, collateral, co-marketing, and demand generation

Co-selling – enterprise-focused collaborative sales planning and support for service provider sales channels and enterprise resellers

Support and lifecycle management – full suite of lifecycle management and orchestration enabling end-to-end service implementation and faster time-to-revenue

Bolstered by proven global services expertise and industry-leading system integrator partners, the new partner program reinforces the company’s commitment to open networks and extends the scope of its multi-layer customer solutions across a broader set of network segments and technologies, including 5G, IoT, video and mobile data optimization, and virtualized MEC.

To arrange a meeting with Coriant executives at MWC or schedule a demonstration of our Multi-Sided Solutions Showcase, please contact us