Converging Technologies and Big Data in Telecom

Third-party Applications equal Big Opportunities for Mobile Network Operators

Big Data represents a major inflection point for the ICT and Telecom sectors as it will transform business asset utility and value forever more. It isn’t a revolution or a replacement for the current technologies, but it is rather a valued extension of business assets.

As the telecommunication market is reaching saturation period now in many regions/countries, it is crucial to use Big Data for generating more revenues and enhancing profits. Many organizations are beginning to wake to the reality of Big Data. This makes it very expensive to process data internally and even more expensive to disregard it all together.

Big Data + IoT + M2M + SDM + API = Third-party Applications

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things is a concept in which the virtual world of information technology integrates seamlessly with the real world of things. The real world becomes more accessible through computers and networked devices in business as well as everyday scenarios.

Machine-to-Machine (M2M)

The compelling attraction of M2M is not only the ability to measure, monitor and control the capital and human resources throughout the enterprise. As business increasingly becomes dependent on cloud services and software as a service (SAAS), it will become imperative to deploy a new generation of powerful business software able to manage the convergence of these capabilities.

This includes the need to collect and analyze the mountain of M2M performance data from application-specific information systems, many of which are standalone and custom designed for a unique purpose.  Fortunately, so-called “Big Data Analytics” software can now be deployed to parse through the relevant data for continuous improvement in all operations affecting the enterprise – be it cost control, risk management, R&D, finance, customer relations, marketing and sales.

Subscriber Data Management (SDM)

Subscriber data is a crucial commodity for network Carriers worldwide, as it can be leveraged customize services and optimize applications to the market according to subscriber preferences. This creates opportunities for new and/or highly focused services/applications, revenue expansion, and improved customer loyalty and profitability. However, access to subscriber data is often a challenge for network Carriers. This is due largely to subscriber data being stored in a non-unified distributed architecture comprising a variety of different network elements and services, often vendor-specific, which makes it costly to attain a consolidated view of the data.

Subscriber Data Management (SDM) solutions tackle this problem by unifying subscriber data into a central repository. With this repository, SDM solutions unify cross domain subscriber data from identity, location, presence, authentication, services and access preferences, which can feed into multiple applications through an API interface.

Telecom API

While a large part of the market is yet to understand their technological and strategic significance, Telco Network APIs play a critical part in carrier networks as a secondary stream of revenue.

Telco Network APIs capitalize on existing network infrastructure to create a vast array of business opportunities for carriers worldwide. In essence, these APIs allow carriers to disseminate a wealth of internal information or resources to third parties.  This could entail everything from network QoS for video service delivery to Subscriber Data Management (SDM) for advertising and profiling, the goal being to enable third party developers to offer services in return for revenues.

Third-party Applications = Big Opportunities for Mobile Network Operators (MNO)

We believe that through API connections/access between telecom assets to the cloud, there will be many different applications developed over time.  However, a key aspect of this ecosystem is the need for mediation.  This mediation will likely be via a third party mediator that is trusted by the network operator.  The level of trust will be based on the relationship and will include privacy, security, and business relationship dimensions.

We believe that this convergence represents a Big Data, Big Opportunity for MNO’s.

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