China Telecom and Transatel to Offer 4G-LTE Data for Laptops and Tablets in China

Partners in the UK since 2011, and in France since 2013, providing connectivity options to the Chinese community abroad

China Telecom and Transatel are opening the commercial services in China for inbound roaming LTE data services. Transatel is one of the first operators to benefit from the new infrastructure via its SIM 901, a global data SIM card launched in 2015 and offering seamless cellular coverage in over 100 countries and destinations. This agreement is the latest in the series of successful commercial deals between the two companies. They have partnered in the UK since 2011, and in France since 2013, to provide attractive connectivity options to the Chinese community abroad.

SIM 901 to inaugurate the new inbound roaming 4G data services from China Telecom
SIM 901 is the global cellular SIM card with eSIM capabilities currently commercialized by Transatel to OEMs and service providers, to enable devices with secure, ‘always on’ connectivity. The offer is based on an international MCC (Mobile Country Code), a global technical architecture, and roaming agreements negotiated individually with over 100 mobile network operators across the planet. The size of the consumer electronics market in China makes the country a welcome addition to Transatel’s network [1]. Thanks to China Telecom, Transatel will help laptop and tablet manufacturers equip their end users with a secure alternative to Wi-Fi when accessing the internet.

In the future, many OEM brands will benefit from this new cellular data opportunity in China
Transatel can help onboard brands wishing to offer connectivity via the Windows Store for Windows 10-equipped laptops and tablets. Future brands selling data bundles within the Windows Store will allow their Chinese customers to benefit from 4G connectivity through the China Telecom network. This opportunity will also be available outside of the Store. Thanks to SIM 901, Transatel gives any laptop and tablet manufacturer the opportunity to enrich its products with data bundles and become a connectivity service provider.

Transatel CEO, Jacques Bonifay, said, “We’re excited to expand our SIM 901 footprint with the addition of China, and even more so with our long-time partner, China Telecom.”
Mr. Xiaofeng DENG, Managing Director of Global Business Department of China Telecommunications Corporation added, “Transatel has helped us deploy our MVNO service in Europe. It is a pleasure to greet them today in China as customers; we wish them the greatest success with their SIM 901 in Asia”.