Bellevue Chamber Leads Effort to Pave the Way for 5G Mobile

The City of Bellevue acted Tuesday to amend City Code and adopt a small cell wireless facilities Master License Agreement template. This will streamline the process to add next generation (5G) wireless infrastructure in Bellevue. This action was made possible through the collaborative efforts of the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce, several wireless service and infrastructure providers, and the City of Bellevue.

“We are thankful to City leaders for recognizing the importance of our efforts on behalf of a critical business sector,” said Bellevue Chamber of Commerce Board Chair Josh Marti.

“It is critical that government and the business community work together to ensure future economic growth and prosperity. When the Chamber and the businesses we represent collaborate with the City, the sky is the limit.”

Wireless carriers can now move forward to install the infrastructure and start delivering new services to Bellevue’s residents and businesses. “Verizon welcomes the opportunity to work with forward-thinking leaders, like the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce and the Bellevue city council, to transform technology infrastructure to support the needs of citizens and businesses today and lay the groundwork for future innovation,” said Jonathan LeCompte, Pacific Market President for Verizon. “Bellevue can be a model for other municipalities in both their support of innovation and investments in new technology.”

Bellevue is a Smart City, a center of innovation with excellent and reliable infrastructure that supports our vibrant and growing city, including high-tech connectivity. 5G technology, with its increased bandwidth and speeds, is essential to this growth and to existing and emerging business sectors.

“Bellevue values collaboration, technology and innovation,” said Mayor John Chelminiak. “We see this as another crucial step towards becoming a smarter, high-tech city of the future. The adopted agreement lays the groundwork for delivering the next wave of wireless technology to our community.”

The City’s actions were applauded by national wireless infrastructure provider Crown Castle. In a statement the company said, “Thanks to the Bellevue Chamber and the Bellevue City Council’s leadership, residents living in and around the City will enjoy faster, more reliable wireless services, while new technologies will create efficiencies and spur economic development. Cities across the US can learn from Bellevue’s example by working with the wireless industry to pass amenable agreements and codes to bring improved wireless infrastructure to their communities.”

The Bellevue Chamber accelerates tomorrow today, representing thousands of jobs in our community. Businesses range in size from sole proprietors to large corporations. The Chamber’s mission is to foster a healthy business environment by providing strategic leadership, advocacy, tools, and resources for business success.