ROOT Data Center Announces Plans for Campus Expansion of Its Montréal R1 Data Center

ROOT Data Center today announces plans to build a third data center to become part of its MTL-R1 La Salle campus. MTL-R1B is a greenfield development that will create an additional 10MW of power capacity, allowing ROOT Data Center to meet the growing demands of new and existing customers. Roughly 20 percent of the new […]

Telecom Fraud: $29 Billion And Counting – Why It Matters More than Ever in the Digital Era

By: Katia Gonzales Telecom fraud is skyrocketing globally, now marking one of the biggest sources of lost revenues for operators. Just how big is the problem? According to the Communications Fraud Control Association (CFCA), it represented nearly $30 billion globally last year. And across BICS’ own international carrier customer base, we blocked more than 38 […]

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Caution vs. Convenience: The Continuing Quest for Public WiFi Security

During a political convention in 2016, IT security company Avast set up various public networks to gauge the attendees’ attitudes toward public WiFi use. The names were a mix of pro-candidate messages, like “I VOTE TRUMP! FREE INTERNET” and vaguely official-seeming ones, like “ATTWifi at GOP.”  Over 1,200 people connected to the networks and a […]

Rambus to Develop Hybrid Memory System Architectures for Future Data Centers

Joins high-performance open standards organizations to drive innovation in the data center

Rambus Inc.  today announced a collaboration with IBM to research hybrid memory systems. Targeting one of the industry’s key performance challenges, Rambus Labs and IBM aim to optimize the use of DRAM and emerging memories to create a high-capacity memory subsystem that delivers comparable performance to DRAM alone. As part of the collaboration, Rambus will […]

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