The Latin America Spectrum Management Conference 2014

Start Date: 
Wednesday, May 14, 2014
End Date: 
Thursday, May 15, 2014


The latest in a series of sector leading regional spectrum management conferences (covering regions such as Europe, The Americas and Asia-Pacific), this conference will provide a meeting point for spectrum stakeholders throughout the Latin American and Caribbean region and beyond to come together and discuss topical issues relating to the management and co-ordination of spectrum policy across the region. 

Focussing on all the key spectrum management Issues for the region, including: 

- Spectrum Issues and Priorities Ahead of WRC-15 
- Managing the Analogue Switchover 
- Maximizing the benefits of the Digital Dividend 
- Network Optimization 
- Increasing co-ordination of spectrum policy across LAC countries 
- Additional spectrum for mobile broadband 
- Dynamic Spectrum and Whitespace Access 
- Bridging the digital divide 
- Best Practice in Spectrum Auctions and Awards 
- The LTE Device Eco System the option of attending a full day workshop focussing on spectrum awards, auctions and valuation 

Please note that simultaneous translation will be available at this event in English, Spanish and Portuguese.