IEEE PES Plain Talk

Start Date: 
Tuesday, July 26, 2011
End Date: 
Thursday, July 28, 2011

Detroit, Michigan:

THE ELECTRIC POWER SYSTEM enables our economy and society to function. In some way everything that impacts our lives, from where we live to where we work, from our government to our infrastructure, is dependent on a secure and reliable supply of electricity. Yet many individuals, including those who work in or with the electric power industry, do not have a basic understanding of the electric power system, how it operates or how it is evolving.

These courses aim to increase your understanding of the electric power system by providing you with practical knowledge that you can use as you work in or with this important industry.

PES PLAIN TALK COURSES for the power industry professional will help you to understand technical aspects of the electric power industry, even if you do not have an engineering background. You will gain insights into the concerns of engineers, the demands of regulators and consumer groups, and the factors and trends that impact the operation of today's electric power systems.
Who Should Attend?

PLAN TO ATTEND if you work within the power industry in a non-engineering capacity, or if you are a new power engineer or one transitioning to the power industry from another field. Others who would benefit from the course are those who work with the industry, such as utility board members, business executives, power brokers, power marketers, government officials, regulatory or legislative staff members, public affairs administrators, media professionals, attorneys, economists, accountants, or anyone with an interest in learning about the electric power systems upon which we all depend.


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