Mahindra Satyam launches "Connected Vehicle Concept"

Best known as a provider of IT services and consulting, Mahindra Satyam (Hyderabad, India) has launched a new vehicle infotainment and telematics service it is calling the “Connected Vehicle Concept”.

The company says that while other players are bringing standalone products to market it aims to position itself as an end-to-end service provider.

Telerad Tech launches telemedicine in eastern India

Telerad Tech (Bangalore, India), a healthcare IT specialist, has announced that its Cisco-based telemedicine services are now available in parts of eastern India.

The organization is using Cisco’s HealthPresence telemedicine platform to provide medical services to a number of villages, and it says more than 100 patients have already benefited from the technology.

Using the Cisco (San Jose, USA) system, Telerad doctors have been offering telemedicine consultations in the villages of Chattisgarh and Odisha, while another site in Rajasthan is scheduled to go live this month.

Smart meters to save $14 billion for UK homes, businesses: report

The introduction of smart meters to the UK could lead to savings of £65 a year for the average household, according to a new report from British Gas (Staines, UK) and Oxford Economics.

According to the study, the rollout of smart meters across the UK will lead to savings of approximately £14 billion ($22.7 billion) between 2012 and 2030, equating to an average saving per household of about £65 a year.

Operators urged to make M2M progress by leading analyst

M2M could fail to live up to its billing as the next big thing unless someone takes initiative and stops the fragmentation that currently afflicts the industry.

That seemed to be the message coming out of M2M: Beyond Connectivity, a seminar organized by European Communications magazine in London last week, where analyst speakers presented a rather pessimistic assessment of the state of the market.

Nissan chooses SiriusXM for telematics services

Nissan’s North American business has struck a deal with SiriusXM (New York, USA) under which the company known primarily as the world’s biggest radio broadcaster will supply a range of telematics services for Nissan-branded vehicles.

Nissan (Yokohama, Japan) claims it is the first carmaker to introduce some of the SiriusXM offerings, including 24/7 emergency support for accidents, stolen vehicle tracking and roadside assistance.

Customers are also set to benefit from the simplicity of a consolidated bill for audio entertainment and a central site to manage subscriptions.

Orange Business Services partners with Openmatics

Orange Business Services (Paris, France) has teamed up with telematics specialist Openmatics (Friedrichshafen, Germany) to provide M2M services that can be used on trucks and buses.

The France Telecom-owned company has signed what it calls a strategic partnership with Openmatics, which is in the process of developing its offer by adding more applications to its platform.

Itron wins smart-meter contract in Victoria, Australia

Itron (Liberty Lake, USA), a manufacturer of energy-saving meters for utilities, claims to have won a contract to provide smart meters in Melbourne and other parts of Victoria State, allowing water utilities to better manage consumption.

The deal will help City West Water, South East Water, Yarra Valley Water and Barwon Water manage supply, optimize usage and conserve water resources, and follows Itron’s completion of a three-year contract to provide water meters and an advanced meter reading system to the four utilities.

Nayax and Telit book vending-machine deal in Scandinavia

Nayax (Tel Aviv, Israel) and Telit (Rome, Italy) have announced a deal to expand their cashless payment services into hundreds of vending machines operated by Scandinavia’s Selecta Nordic (Stockholm, Sweden).

The company operates vending machines in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland and has already installed the Nayaxvend-Telit product in about 200 vending machines throughout Scandinavia.

It says additional machines are slated to be equipped in the coming months.

Apple snubs emerging mobile payment standard


EBay Inc (San Jose, USA) Chief Executive John Donahoe often quotes a merchant saying NFC stands for "Not For Commerce" - and dismisses the prospects of Near Field Communication technology used to turn cellphones into mobile wallets.

He got some support this week from Apple Inc (Cupertino, USA), which did not embed NFC chips into the iPhone 5.

Vodafone helps Dutch councils slash costs, emissions

An M2M-enabled waste-management scheme involving Vodafone (Newbury, UK) is helping local councils in the Netherlands to slash their carbon emissions by up to a fifth and save thousands of euros in collection costs.

Working with Mic-O-Data (Hassinkweg, the Netherlands), a Dutch waste-management company that claims a 30% share of the market, Vodafone has fitted 6,000 ‘connected’ bins with SIM cards that transmit regular updates, notifying refuse collectors when bins are filling up or if they have not been properly closed.

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