Withings launches "smart sleep" system

Telehealth specialist Withings has launched what it calls a new “smart sleep” system designed to monitor and improve an individual’s sleeping experience.

Unveiled at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the system – branded Withings Aura – includes two devices, one of which slips under a user’s mattress while the other sits on a bedside table or cabinet.

The devices work together to record and monitor a range of factors that can help users understand more about their sleeping experience.

The device placed under the mattress includes a ‘sleep’ sensor that measures “personal patterns”, including details of body movements, breathing cycles and heart rate, while the bedside device screens the bedroom environment for things like noise pollution, room temperature and light levels.

Withings (Issy les Moulineaux, France) says customers can make use of the recorded data to adapt their body clocks and make improvements to their sleeping experience.

However, the system also includes multi-color LED dimming lighting technology that has been scientifically proven to aid relaxation while users are trying to get to sleep.

According to Withings, the lighting technology “makes the most of a proven correlation between lighting wavelengths and the secretion of Melatonin, the hormone responsible for the sleep-wake cycle”.

The company has also developed a mobile app allowing customers to gather and analyze the data generated by the system.

“Sleep is such a vital part of a healthy balance that that we challenged ourselves to create a product that could be used not only to analyze and monitor sleep, but also to positively impact the experience,” said Cedric Hutchins, the co-founder of Withings. “By combining environmental sensors, light and sound, we’ve been able to create a product that will give users the data and power to improve a third of their lives.”