Vodafone and AstraZeneca form mobile-health partnership

Vodafone has announced a mobile-health partnership with pharmaceuticals giant AstraZeneca aimed at improving healthcare for patients with cardiovascular conditions.

The two companies will work on developing new mobile and internet-based services to support patient treatment, improve medication adherence and give patients the confidence to manage their own conditions more effectively.

Vodafone’s (Newbury, UK) role will be to provide technology and related expertise for these mobile-health services.

The technology it develops will allow data to be captured from a variety of sources to improve engagement between patients and healthcare professionals.

The partnership will allow healthcare professionals to extend patients the option of using mobile health services to improve the care process.

Patients will also be offered educational material that is personalized for their needs and will benefit from coaching and treatment support to help manage their medication and lifestyle changes and track their treatment progress.

The project is to be led by the Intelligent Pharmaceutical Group within AstraZeneca (London, UK) – a part of Global Medicines Development – which will work in close collaboration with in-country marketing teams.

The companies say they will design services that work across geographies but can be developed to suit variances in local regulations and patient care.

“Bringing together the best in connectivity with the best in treatment and education will create powerful and compelling outcomes for patients,” said Erik Brenneis, Vodafone’s M2M director. “AstraZeneca is a global leader in the mobile health field and we are delighted to work with them to develop these innovative services.”