UPA says replaced 150,000 meters for OUC in system-wide upgrade

Utility Partners of America (UPA) says it has already replaced about 150,000 digital electric meters as part of a system-wide smart-meter upgrade for the Orlando Utilities Commission (OUC).

Noting that work on the OUC (Orlando, FL, USA) project is proceeding according to plan, the smart-meter player said the rollout would allow OUC to offer a “smarter energy choice” to customers benefiting from the new technology.

Besides installing the new meters, UPA (Greenville, SC, USA) has also been managing the data transfer from OUC’s old analog meters to the new digital meters, as well as coordinating “salvage and recycling efforts” for the old meters.

It says the system-wide upgrade represents an acceleration of a program that has been in place for several years and includes all of OUC’s meters.

The upgrade is expected to help customers better manage their electric use and lower their utility costs by giving them detailed information about their usage of the utility’s services.

Once the entire system has been upgraded, said UPA, customers will be able to monitor their usage by means of a web interface.

“We’re excited to give our customers the power to save energy and money,” said Byron Knibbs, OUC’s vice president of customer and sustainable services. “This digital meter installation provides the foundation for OUC to offer new programs like prepaid metering that will help customers control their costs.”

UPA’s work also involved the provision of maintenance and new construction installations on behalf of OUC’s water division.

UPA says all its meter technicians have received extensive training before they start work on meter installations, ensuring they can speedily identify and address irregular operating conditions.

Established in 1923, OUC is the second-largest municipal utility in Florida, providing electric and water services to nearly 228,000 customers in Orlando, St Cloud and parts of unincorporated Orange and Osceola counties.


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