The ten largest U.S. smart grid projects

In 2009, the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act (ARRA) set aside $11 billion for smart grid investment. The U.S. Department of Energy (DoE) began distributing $3.4 billion of these ARRA funds in 2009 in the form of government grants, which were to be matched by $4.7 billion in private investment, according to the DoE. These grants were to be used for over 100 projects in 49 of 50 states, and the DoE immediately distributed $47 million to eight ongoing projects.

Grants given by the government are to cover up to 50% of the cost of a given smart grid project.   About 25% of SGIG funding went toward smaller projects ($300K to $20 million in cost), while the remaining 75% went to larger projects ($20-200 million in cost).

Below is a list of the top ten largest smart grid projects in the United States based on cost.

Source: Smart Grid Information Clearinghouse (

1. Charlotte, NC - Duke Energy Business Services LLC Smart Grid Project

This project is a comprehensive grid modernization for Duke Energy’s Midwest electric system, which encompasses Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky. The project includes open, interoperable, twoway communications networks, smart meters for 1.4 million customers, automated advanced distribution applications, developing dynamic pricing programs, and supporting the plugin electric vehicles.

ARRA FUNDING -$200,000,000

TOTAL FUNDING -$851,700,000

2. Houston, Texas - CenterPoint Energy Smart Grid Project

This project includes the installation of 2.2 million smart meters and more than 550 sensors and automated switches that will help protect against system disturbances such as natural disasters.

ARRA FUNDING - $200 000 000

TOTAL FUNDING - $639 187 435

3. Miami, Florida - Florida Power & Light Company Smart Grid Project

Energy Smart Florida is a comprehensive project installing over 2.6 million smart meters, 9,000 intelligent distribution devices, 45 phasors, and advanced monitoring equipment in over 270 substations.

ARRA FUNDING - $200 000 000

TOTAL FUNDING - $578 347 232

4.  Raleigh N.C. -Progress Energy Service Company, LLC Smart Grid Project

Through this project, Progress Energy Service Company, LLC, is building a green Smart Grid virtual power plant that will provide conservation, efficiency and advanced load shaping technologies, including installation of over 160,000 meters across its multistate service area.

ARRA FUNDING - $200,000,000

TOTAL FUNDING - $520,000,000

5. Baltimore Maryland – Baltimore Gas and Electric Company Smart Grid Project

This project is deploying a smart meter network and advanced customer control system for 1.1 million residential customers, enabling dynamic electricity pricing. Baltimore Gas and Electric Company is expanding the utility's direct load control program, enhancing reliability and reducing congestion.

ARRA FUNDING - $200,000,000

TOTAL FUNDING - $451,814,234

6. Philadelphia, PA. - PECO Energy Company Smart Grid Project

This project is deploying smart meters to all 600,000 customers, upgrading communication infrastructure to support a smart meter network, installing 7 "intelligent" substations, and accelerating deployment of more reliable/secure technologies that will reduce peak energy load and increase cost savings.

ARRA FUNDING - $200,000,000

TOTAL FUNDING - $422,570,000

7. Birmingham, Alabama - Southern Company Services, Inc. Smart Grid Project

Southern Company Services, Inc. is deploying five integrated smart grid technology systems that enhance energy efficiency, cyber security, distribution and transmission line automation, and smart power substations. This project will benefit customers in Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina and South Carolina.

APPA FUNDING - $164,527,160

TOTAL FUNDING - $330,130,432

8. Sacramento, California - Sacramento Municipal Utility District Smart Grid Project

Through this project, Sacramento Municipal Utility District is installing a comprehensive regional smart grid system that includes 600,000 smart meters, 100 electric vehicle charging stations and 50,000 demand response controls including programmable thermostats and home energy management systems.

ARRA FUNDING - $127,506,261

TOTAL FUNDING - $307,737,084

9. Las Vegas, Nevada-   NV Energy, Inc. Smart Grid Project

NV Energy, Inc is integrating smart grid technologies, including dynamic pricing, customer communications and inhome networks, grid monitoring, distribution automation, distributed renewables, and electric vehicles, including the installation of a network of 1,300,000 smart meters.

ARRA FUNDING - $138,000,000

TOTAL FUNDING - $298,000,000

10. New York, New York- Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc Smart Grid Project

This project is deploying technologies, including automation, monitoring and two way communications to make the electric grid function twocommunications, more efficiently and enable integration of renewable resources. Also benefits customers in NJ.

ARRA FUNDING - $136,170,899

TOTAL FUNDING - $272,341,798



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