Telogis launches new asset-tracking features

Asset-tracking player Telogis has announced an upgrade to its cloud-based software platform allowing customers to more easily analyze the data they gather from workers, vehicles and assets in the field.

Branded Fleet 11, the upgrade includes mobile application enhancements and new maps that are optimized for mobile devices, says the company, allowing supervisors to easily visualize vehicles, assets and workers.

Fleet 11 also supports Telogis Live 2,0, the company’s location and data sharing tool, which connects partners’ and contractors’ workers and assets on one screen so that project information can be shared among multiple users.

In addition, there is support for “richer engine data and services”, derived from the company’s existing relationships with vehicle makers including Ford (Dearborn, MI, USA), Volvo Trucks (Gothenburg, Sweden), Mack Trucks (Greensboro, NC, USA) and others.

“The trifecta of connected location intelligence, understanding what’s happening with drivers behind the wheel and the ability to derive actionable analytics from that data is really what drives business transformation for our customers,” said Mark Wallin, vice president of product management at Telogis (Aliso Viejo, CA, USA). “Telogis Fleet 11 raises the bar by turning data into true business intelligence, helping companies make more informed decisions that make their businesses run smarter.”

Another new feature is Telogis Coach, an application that gives drivers and back offices the same view of a driver behavior scorecard and is aimed at encouraging more responsible and safe driving.