Telit partners with Parsec on miniaturization efforts

Module maker Telit has teamed up with Parsec Technologies to create what they call “the world’s lowest-profile companion solution for GPS receiver and antenna”.

The organizations say the components can be made to fit a 6x16x8mm space – making the product suitable for a wide variety of uses.

Both companies say they are making available complete application notes to simplify the engineering effort for system integrators.

Telit (London, UK) and Parsec (Plano, TX, USA) have also incorporated technology to nullify what they describe as the “jamming effects of high-energy radio devices”, such as Wi-Fi hotspots, Bluetooth systems and cordless phones.

“The combination is bullet-proof in providing a rewarding design experience making RF work reliably, passing end-product regulatory compliance testing without re-test,” said Michael Neenan, the chief executive of Parsec.

Telit says miniaturization remains a key focus of its efforts and an enabler of new application areas for positioning and M2M.

“With the Parsec antennas, the complete receiver features the industry’s smallest landed footprint, making it suitable for use in wearable electronics, UBI devices or adapters for the mobile computing industry,” said Taneli Tuurnala, the head of Telit’s GNSS division.