Telenor Connexion strikes SDN deal with Asavie

Telenor Connexion aims to strengthen its M2M offering through a deal with software-defined networking player Asavie Technologies that will allow it to speed up the deployment of M2M services.

With Asavie’s (Dublin, Ireland) M2M Connect technology, Telenor Connexion (Stockholm, Sweden) believes it will be able to activate more complicated M2M deployments in hours – even where bi-directional routing or firewalling are required.

“Asavie’s smart M2M Connect solution complements our existing connectivity offering as it provides us with increased flexibility and opportunities for new business models,” said Rickard Widerberg, the vice president of product marketing at Telenor Connexion. “With it we can accelerate our customer’s time to market and set up a dedicated and secure communication without using traditional VPN.”

Asavie claims to be targeting more than a billion customers throughout the US, EMEA and Asian markets, thanks to its global carrier and ecosystem partners.

A subsidiary of Norwegian telecoms incumbent Telenor, Telenor Connexion provides M2M connectivity services to companies including Volvo, Hitachi Construction Machinery and Scania.

The operator says it is responding to the growing demand for more scalable solutions, allowing new services to be deployed quickly in response to new requirements.

Through the tie-up with Asavie, it will be able to roll out services in new geographic and vertical markets – and across businesses of all sizes – without having to spend time customizing or building dedicated delivery capabilities.

Telenor also says the partnership will help it to more easily monetize new service offerings.