Telekom Slovenije launches $6.6 million smart-grid project

Telekom Slovenije has kicked off work on a new European Commission (EC) smart-grid project aimed at establishing the most efficient use of communications technology in future smart-grid rollouts.

The Slovenian telecoms incumbent is leading a consortium of nine companies from six countries, including Elektro Primorska (Ljubljana, Slovenia), Elektroservisi (Ljubljana, Slovenia), the Jozef Stefan Institute (Ljubljana, Slovenia), Aalborg University (Denmark), Gemalto (France), Gemalto M2M (Germany), the Netherlands’ Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (Delft, Netherlands) and Toshiba Research Europe (Cambridge, UK).

Work is being carried out under the auspices of the EC’s seventh framework program, noted Telekom Slovenije (Ljubljana, Slovenia), with the specific goals being to develop “technological and economic models for the most efficient use of communications infrastructure in the smart grids of the future”.

Named SUNSEED, the project is to include the construction of a pilot smart grid in Slovenia.

According to Telekom Slovenije’s statement, the consortium is to work on the SUNSEED project for a period of three years, finishing work in February 2017.

SUNSEED has a budget of €4.8 million ($6.6 million), €3 million of which is coming by way of EC grants.

Telekom Slovenije says one of its strategic aims is to become the region’s primary research and development partner for European companies involved in energy distribution for M2M vertical business solutions.

Operators besides Telekom Slovenije see M2M as a growth opportunity they hope will compensate for the stagnation in traditional business activities, including the sale of fixed, broadband and mobile-phone services.

Meanwhile, government authorities are spurring energy companies to invest in smart-grid technology to comply with European Union mandates aimed at bringing about a 20% reduction in carbon emissions by 2020.


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