Telefonica extends M2M partner program to Europe

Spanish telecoms giant Telefonica is extending its M2M partnership program into Europe as it looks to stamp its authority on the burgeoning Internet of Things market.

The program has already been launched in the US and Telefonica (Madrid, Spain) said it would be introduced to other markets following the European rollout.

Telefonica aims to attract new M2M partners from among device manufacturers, systems integrators and distributors, believing it can extend the reach of its offering through a partnership approach.

The operator said partners would enrich its offering with their own solutions and generate a “multiplier effect in terms of scale”.

It also thinks the program will help it to identify the most successful M2M service providers, saying these could become vertical solution partners in future.

In the US, Telefonica has been working with companies that want to expand their offerings internationally, and it claims to have signed up more than 80 partners in less than seven months.

“We are really pleased with the success of the partner programme in the US,” said Rafael Garcia Meiro, Telefonica Digital’s global partner sales unit director. “It gives us a richer portfolio of M2M solutions to sell our customers.”

“We’ll continue moving forward by developing the program in other Telefónica regions and adding more of Telefónica’s products to our portfolio, using the same proven partnership model,” he added.“Ninety additional companies are already in the process of being part of our Channel Partner Programme and the objective for 2014 is to enrol a total of 250 partners.”

Telefonica said it was already in discussions with another 90 companies about membership of the partner program and that its objective for 2014 was to enrol a total of 250 partners.

Citing industry analysts, Telefonica said it expected the “managed connectivity” to generate revenues of €11.6 billion ($15.8 billion) in 2016.