Tekelec introduces customer experience management portfolio

Tekelec (Morrisville, NC), the mobile broadband solutions company, introduced a new customer experience management (CEM) portfolio to correlate subscriber experiences, service usage, handset metrics as well as network and service accessibility and reliability. The resulting combination of network and service intelligence gives service providers a complete view of the subscriber experience within the network along with customized views to improve performance and deliver more personalized services. Use cases include proactive notification of network performance issues, investigation of service disruptions, diagnosis of device issues, and granular subscriber application analysis to enable marketing and service innovation. “The goal for service providers is to have greater visibility into the experiences of their customers – and then proactively improve the service,” said Susie Kim Riley, chief marketing officer of Tekelec. “The CEM solution translates millions upon millions of network, device, service and subscriber data points into actionable intelligence for a variety of service provider organizations.” The CEM portfolio integrates with Tekelec’s Performance Intelligence Center, the company’s performance management product, to collect information from the user plane (i.e. mobile devices and endpoints), network plane (i.e. elements, nodes, systems, and management databases), and control plane (i.e. core signaling equipment, subscriber data management). Tekelec CEM applications provide a comprehensive dashboard, analytics and detailed visualization with easy navigation and interaction between each application. This provides an easy workflow of customer service management for operators. The CEM applications include:

  • Subscriber Activity: a subscriber’s view of service and quality. Operators can use this data for timely complaint resolution, customer support activities, and improvement of the customer’s quality of experience.

  • Data Services Management: provides mobile data performance measurements that tell operators if issues impact the quality of experience for a particular subscriber or a group of subscribers. The application also enables service providers to optimize network performance, balance traffic loads across servers and identify and resolve vendor-related problems.

  • Marketing: maximize operator revenues by providing a precise picture of customer behavior, service consumption, and handset and network usage. Equips marketing with the tools to adapt services, products, and bundled offers.

  • Roaming Management: real-time and historical data to analyze each subscriber’s roaming experience to identify potential roaming bottlenecks and proactively manage service level agreements (SLAs) on a per partner basis.

  • Handset and Devices: voice and data efficiency rates by device model, allowing operators to rapidly diagnose and resolve network issues and device incompatibilities before they impact a large number of device owners.

  • Network Operations: network performance metrics that enable operators to optimize network performance and improve the customer experience by proactively identifying network issues before they impact the subscriber.

  • Network Planning: data for operators to anticipate and forecast network loads and service volatility, manage traffic spikes, and ensure high quality of service levels for highest-value traffic.

“The customer experience is the last remaining and single most important source of significant competitive advantage for service providers,” said Susan McNeice, vice president, software research at Yankee Group. “A 'customer first' approach to capture and translate the subscriber’s end-to-end experience is essential to stay ahead of both operator and over-the-top competitors.”


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