Spireon forms fleet-management alliance with Sprint

Asset-tracking player Spireon has formed a strategic partnership with Sprint that will address opportunities in the fleet-management area.

The companies say they will collaborate on providing the Spireon (Irvine, CA, USA) FleetLocate-branded solution to fleet operators using the Sprint (Overland Park, KS, USA) network.

FleetLocate is designed to help fleet operators improve their productivity and operational efficiency through more effective management of assets.

Using the service, fleet managers can remotely monitor vehicles, trailers and other assets using GPS tracking and telematics capabilities.

The service uses Software-as-a-Service technology developed by Spireon, which says its M2M platforms are currently used by more than 1.7 million subscribers.

Through the partnership, Sprint’s business sales teams are to offer FleetLocate to customers, who will be able to include FleetLocate services on their Sprint bills in a further simplification of the offering.

“We are excited about the possibilities that this strategic agreement between Sprint and Spireon offers to our companies and to the marketplace,” says Mohamad Nasser, director of M2M products, platforms and marketing for Sprint. “Spireon is a recognized leader in MRM, delivering powerful solutions with actionable data all wrapped in a simple package with a unique focus on helping customers realize their maximum return on investment.”

Spireon says it will work with Sprint on allowing customers to make use of additional business-intelligence services.

“This alliance is a win for everyone, especially Sprint customers, who will see significant competitive advantages that come with being able to capture and leverage a wealth of data in real time,” said Brad Jarvis, the chief marketing officer and executive vice president of products for Spireon.

Among the benefits of the fleet-management service for logistics managers are the abilities to monitor the whereabouts and performance of fleets and to identify and avoid potential delivery delays.

Spireon also says that fleet managers will be able to reduce fuel consumption and improve asset usage through reliance on the service.