Solve IT, Concirrus target Middle East asset-tracking market

Middle Eastern asset-tracking player Solve IT has launched a range of new products and services based on a platform developed by Concirrus, which specializes in cloud-based M2M software.

Using “template solutions” for asset, vehicle and personnel management, the company has introduced a range of asset security solutions to Middle Eastern markets, where it serves customers in the construction, facilities management, and fleet and logistics areas.

ToughTracker, the first product it has launched, is described as a patented Concirrus (London, UK) device for tracking non-powered, high-value assets.

The device has a battery life of up to ten years.

“The Internet of Things has huge potential to revolutionize the way businesses operate today,” said Craig Hollingworth, the chief operating officer of Concirrus. “Solve IT [Dubai, United Arab Emirates] are uniquely positioned to bring that change to customers in the Middle East.”

“Combined with the wide range of hardware ‘things’ now certified on the platform it means that Concirrus customers can focus on building their business, not building the technology,” he added.

Solve IT says the Concirrus technology has allowed it to introduce technology much faster than would otherwise have been possible.

“We see that the Internet of Things is incredibly valuable to our customers,” said Justin Tisbury, Solve IT’s founder. “The Concirrus solutions and platform have allowed us to design and launch solutions in to the market in just a few weeks rather than in many months that have been traditional.”

“We have already seen huge demand for these solutions to protect the assets of their business,” added Tisbury.