SkyWave launches satellite-cellular device for vehicle tracking

Satellite company SkyWave Mobile Communications has launched a new dual satellite-cellular HSPA device to support M2M services.

The company says the device’s functionality will allow customers to access the most cost-effective communications network without sacrificing coverage or connectivity to essential data.

The IDP 700 series terminals are designed to provide a “quick and smart way” to connect people and assets anywhere in the world, says SkyWave (Ottawa, Canada).

They are specifically intended for tracking vehicles moving between urban and remote areas and will provide dual or redundant back-up, ensuring there is functionality in the event of failure, mishap or a change in operational conditions.

“With the HSPA option, these satellite terminals are able to use 2G and 3G networks when available,” said Sue Rutherford, director of marketing at SkyWave. “But when these options are not able to accommodate the collection and broadcast of important data and information, satellite connectivity with the IDP 700 series makes it possible to send and receive the data necessary to monitor, manage and control remote assets in a timely manner.”

With serial interfaces for connecting to on-board peripherals like sensors and external laptops, the IDP 700 series can increase mobile workforce connectivity and automation, claims SkyWave.

It also features a so-called “last gasp” battery option that will send location details in the event power to the terminal is lost.

Meanwhile, a CANbus port supports the introduction of applications that require connectivity to vehicle telemetry ports, while the Lua programming environment facilitates the development of “unique on-board applications”, says SkyWave.

Over the past 17 years, SkyWave claims to have shipped more than 700,000 Inmarsat-based satellite terminals to customers in the transportation, maritime, oil and gas, utilities and government sectors.