Silver Spring to support connected street lighting in Florida

Silver Spring Networks has been chosen by Florida Power & Light Company (FPL) to support what it claims will be North America’s largest networked street-lighting deployment.

Under the deal, the company will connect some 75,000 street lights across south Florida using its wireless IPv6 mesh networking technology.

It will also provide management and control software for connecting and controlling street lights in the Miami-Dade Country region.

FPL (Juno Beach, FL, USA) is looking to the remote-monitoring solution to improve response times when dealing with street-lighting faults, and to provide a better-quality service to its customers.

It describes the contract as an important step in its ongoing effort to modernize and network its power delivery system, including nearly half a million street lights it maintains throughout its 35-county service area.

“Silver Spring’s [Redwood City, CA, USA] networking technology and street light solution should enable FPL to deliver an even better experience for our customers throughout South Florida,” said Eric Silagy, President of FPL. “With this new street light technology we expect to leverage our smart grid investments and ensure greater efficiencies and reliability for our street light and existing smart grid networks.”

Silver Spring Networks is already working on smart street lighting projects in Copenhagen and Paris and believes the Florida initiative will build on its expertise in this area.

In Copenhagen, the company is deploying a so-called “canopy network” to connect more than 20,000 street lights, while in Paris it has been chosen for an advanced street lighting and traffic-controls program, with authorities looking to reduce public-lighting energy consumption by 30% over the next ten years.