Silver Spring flags IEEE 802.15.4g certification

Silver Spring Networks has demonstrated its commitment to open standards and interoperability by revealing that a key wireless standard has been certified for use across its product portfolio.

The standard in question is IEEE 802.15.4g, a global standard designed to harmonize a variety of wireless infrastructure systems – as well as specify standard power levels, data rates, modulations and frequency bands for smart energy networks.

According to the update, IEEE 802.15.4g has now been certified for use on the Silver Spring Networks’ (Redwood City, CA, USA) Gen4 product portfolio by the Wi-SUN Alliance – the organization behind the standard – which describes itself as an association of companies working together to create reliable and cost-effective low-power wireless utility products.

Among its other responsibilities, the Wi-SUN Alliance helps to ensure the conformance of and interoperability between IEEE 802.15.4g implementations.

A founder member of the Wi-SUN Alliance, Silver Spring Networks claims to be one of the first in a group of vendors to complete IEEE 802.15.4g certification, arguing that open standards will become increasingly important as utilities and operators deploy ever more complex networks with millions of endpoint devices.

“Open standards are critical to helping ensure interoperability, speeding deployment times, reducing cost and risk, and accelerating innovation as our customers build out the next generation of massive‐scale machine-to-machine (M2M) networks,” said Anil Gadre, the executive vice president of products for Silver Spring Networks. “We are excited that our Gen4 portfolio is now formally Wi‐SUN Alliance certified and we look forward to further collaboration with the Alliance and its membership to continue growing its ecosystem around the world.”

Silver Spring Networks claims that its IPv6-based networking platform now supports more than 18 million devices used to connect utilities to homes and businesses globally.

The company counts a number of major utilities among its customers, including Commonwealth Edison (Chicago, IL, USA), Pacific Gas & Electric (San Francisco, CA, USA), Pepco Holdings (Washington, D.C., USA) and Singapore Power.