Siemens, Iberdrola form smart-grid alliance targeting Middle East

Germany’s Siemens and Spain’s Iberdrola have formed a strategic alliance to develop smart-grid services for companies in the Middle East.

The organizations say they have already signed a memorandum of understanding to work together on integrating energy from renewable sources – such as the sun and wind – into smart grids.

“Through this unique alliance, we will combine our expertise as a technology leader in the energy industry with the experience of one of the most important utilities worldwide,” said Jan Mrosik, the chief executive of Siemens’ (Munich, Germany) smart-grid division.

“This alliance is an extraordinary opportunity to introduce successful technological transfer projects to the region, while adding value for customers through the proven experience of two leaders in their respective sectors, such as Siemens and Iberdrola [Bilbao, Spain],” added Augustin Delgado, the innovation, environment and quality director at Iberdrola.

Besides cooperating on renewable energy for smart grids, Siemens and Iberdrola say they intend to develop a so-called demand response management system that will balance the supply and demand for energy.

Such a system would not only help to ensure network stability but also eliminate the need for utilities to draw on expensive peak-load power plants, argue the companies.

A further area of collaboration will be the monitoring and control of distribution grids, where new technologies would allow for an improvement in the integration of outage management and an advanced level of grid automation – allowing utilities to operate their grids more reliably and efficiently.