Sensus picked to install 8,000 smart water meters in France

Smart meter player Sensus says it has been chosen to install 8,000 smart water meters by a group of 84 French municipalities with a combined population of 41,500 people.

The company will deploy its iPERL endpoints over the next four years in Syndicat des Eaux de Basse-Vigneulles et Faulquemont (SEBVF), and says the rollout will increase meter readings from 400 to about 2,000 per day, providing consumers and utilities with greater visibility on usage and network conditions.

SEBVF is keen to introduce cutting-edge technology to overcome problems it faces in reading hard-to-reach meters, and also wants to reduce the time needed to take meter readings.

Regulators require a meter exchange every 15 years and want consumers to be better informed of potential overconsumption, and SEBVF is taking advantage of the opportunity to install new technology while it complies with regulatory requirements.

SEBVF believes the iPERL solution is capable of measuring very low flows and will provide better leakage detection and an increased meter reading speed, thanks to the use of wireless technology.

Sensus (Raleigh, NC, USA) claims the use of the technology will lead to major times savings for SEBVF as well as increased daily meter readings and leakage-detection functionality.

“With the old technology, any wall or obstacle hampered meter readings; however, with iPERL readings are no longer a problem, even for very low flows,” said Pierre Blanchard, the president of SEBVF. “Now when we would optimize our drive-by route, we'll be able to read up to 3,000 endpoints per day with iPERL.”

Sensus says the signing of the deal will pave the way for the development of smart water networks in France.

“iPERL helps meet the challenges of water management optimisation and resource conservation,” said Michel Jacquet, the sales director of Sensus France.