Sensogram to launch sports, medical devices

Switzerland’s Sensogram has unveiled plans to introduce two new wearable tech devices for health and activity monitoring this year.

Sensogram (Biel/Bienne) says it hopes to change perceptions about preventive medicine and “physical activity efficiency” with the products, which will be offered to the medical and sports markets.

The sports device – branded SensoTRACK – is described as a smart monitor that can read and monitor activity parameters, advising users on the most efficient ways to exercise.

“Goal-driven, activity-optimized, health-supportive monitoring and individual ‘coaching’ are the functions of this next-generation wearable device,” said the company in a statement.

According to the company, the user’s vitals are continuously read and monitored during the assessment of physical activity patterns by SensoTRACK, which then advises the user on the best course of activities for achieving target goals.

Meanwhile, SensoSCAN – the company’s medical device – is intended for monitoring a patient’s vital signs, with posture and pain monitoring features that are also available.

Sensogram says the device will open new horizons for doctors to give patients required first aid, treatment and optimum activity regiments, besides helping with the process of diagnostics.

The company also claims that it addresses issues relating to the accuracy of information.

“For most wearable devices, accuracy and mobility are two conflicting parameters, which is what makes these medical gadgets so frustrating for many consumers,” said Sensogram. “Sensors developed and built by Sensogram, and deployed in SensoSCAN, are able to accommodate monitoring indoors and outdoors, in the dark or in sunlight, in motion or at rest, and in almost any environmental condition.”