Samsung launches smart home platform

South Korea’s Samsung has unveiled a new smart home service allowing customers to manage a variety of home appliances and devices through a single platform.

The manufacturer says the service will in future be expanded to cover home energy services – as well as secure home access, healthcare and eco home application – through partnerships with third-party service providers in these sectors.

Announcing details of the new service at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Samsung (Seoul, South Korea) said its Smart Home brand would be rolled out commercially in the first half of 2014.

“With Samsung Smart Home, we are bringing our capabilities as the world’s number-one manufacturer of smart devices to make the connected home a reality for consumers today,” said Andy Griffiths, the president of Samsung Electronics UK and Ireland.

The service’s functionality means consumers will be able to control and manage appliances and devices – from refrigerators and washing machines to smart TVs, digital cameras and wearable devices – through a single application.

Samsung says it will initially focus on a range of Samsung smart TVs, home appliances and smartphones in deploying the service, but it intends to gradually expand coverage to include additional Samsung products as well as devices and appliances from other manufacturers.

The company claims to have developed a dedicated Smart Home software protocol (SHP) that provides connectivity between all Samsung Smart Home products, as well as those from other device and appliance manufacturers.

It says the strategy will aid the development of an ecosystem for connected home services.

In the home-energy area, Samsung believes collaboration with third parties will help to foster new commercial opportunities and grow the size of the market.

Samsung has already set up an internal organization – its Smart Home Steering Committee – to align all of the product groups, including its R&D arm, behind the Smart Home platform.

The Steering Committee is also supposed to coordinate the development of new services and commercial partnerships.