Rogers to spur M2M development with Vancouver initiative

Rogers Wireless (Toronto, Canada) has announced the opening of a new innovation center in Vancouver aimed at promoting the development of M2M technologies and applications.

Located in the Wavefront national center of excellence for wireless commercialization, the Rogers Wireless Innovation Center will allow business customers and developers to try out the latest M2M technology and enterprise mobility applications.

“Rogers is passionate about fostering growth in M2M and strengthening the wireless developer ecosystem in Canada through simplifying the development and go-to-market journey,” said Mansell Nelson, the vice president of advanced business solutions for Rogers Communications, in a statement. “We are thrilled to be opening our latest innovation centre alongside Wavefront. Together, we can support current and emerging developers to get to market faster with innovative applications for connected devices, as well as educate Canadian companies about the benefits of M2M technology.”

The technologies being demonstrated at the center include wireless asset tracking, virtual network back-up systems (critical network access), connected health solutions and digital signage. Rogers says the applications on display represent the next wave of M2M innovation on LTE networks.

The company has already opened an innovation center in Montreal and has plans to extend the initiative to Toronto.

Rogers claims to provide wireless connectivity for more than 150 M2M companies in the transportation, retail, healthcare, consumer electronics and oil and gas sectors, and says its network services support hundreds of thousands of M2M connections in Canada.

The company recently joined forces with some of the world’s other big telecoms operators to work on developing a global SIM for M2M communications.

It has also formed a partnership with software company SAP (Walldorf, Germany) to develop and manage enterprise applications using the SAP mobile platform.

According to the two companies, employees will be able to use their smartphones and tablets to access enterprise applications traditionally used on desktop computers.


“As Canadian businesses become increasingly mobile and dependent on their smartphones and tablets, it opens up a world of opportunities for application developers,” said Nelson. “Showcasing them in our Wireless Innovation Centers is an ideal away to offer them exposure that will benefit us all.”


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