Real-time, in-car communication system helps find missing child within 45 minutes

COPsync, Inc., a company that operates a law enforcement real-time, in-car information sharing, communication and data interoperability network, announced that the Gonzales County, Texas Sheriff’s Office used the COPsync network to locate a missing child within 45 minutes and hours before an Amber alert would have been issued.

 “Recently, a three year old child was reported missing in Gonzales, Texas,” says Shane Rapp, co-founder of COPsync. “The Gonzales County Sheriff’s office used COPsync’s map-based messaging feature to notify the thousands of Texas officers on the COPsync network to ‘be on the lookout’ for a vehicle suspected to be involved in the child’s disappearance. Within 45 minutes, officers located sixty miles away in Weimar, Texas stopped the vehicle and recovered the missing child.”

According to COPsync (Dallas, Texas, USA), the Gonzales Country office just started using the system three weeks prior to the incident.

“I feel like it is going to help us revive security for our citizens,” says Gonzales County Sheriff Glen Sachtleben.   

The system can also monitor the location of police patrol cards in the field.

 “One of our deputies was recently involved in an accident and wasn't able to verbally tell dispatch his location,” says Sachtleben.   “Dispatch could see him on the map using the COPsync system and you could actually see the other vehicles closing in on him.”

By using the COPsync network, police officers are able to report and share critical data in real-time at the point of incident, as well as obtain instant access to local, state and federal law enforcement databases.  The network’s also enabling officers to electronically write tickets, accident reports, DUI forms, arrest forms and incident and offense reports, says the company.