Raco Wireless upgrades M2M management platform

MVNO Raco Wireless has unveiled a new version of its Omega Management Suite M2M platform, which allows customers to control their connected solutions.

The upgrade includes a number of new features, including details of devices, usage records and billing history, “optimized visibility” on mobile devices, and full functionality on computers “without the need to download an app”.

The service also gives customers access to a range of global operators that have partnered with Raco Wireless (Cincinnati, OH, USA), allowing customers to scale up their businesses and accelerate time to market.

Moreover, it incorporates greater reporting flexibility than previously, allowing customers to customize and automate the delivery of selected reports.

“Businesses are demanding new, responsive device management applications that provide the control they need to run their companies,” said John Horn, the president of Raco Wireless. “Increasingly, we see the need for managers to have on-demand visibility to their connected devices.”

“We have spent a lot of time meeting that need and enhancing the value that we provide by making the user experience unparalleled,” he added.

Adam Schailbe, the director of software development for Raco Wireless, said the intention in developing the platform was to bring the user experience to the forefront.

“Utilizing cutting-edge web technologies, including responsive design, we were able to bring a seamless experience to life that matches the mobility demands of so many of our customers,” he said.