Raco and Queclink team up on asset tracking

Raco Wireless has teamed up with hardware player Queclink to provide an all-in-one M2M service for companies in the fleet and asset management industries.

The two M2M players say they can together provide everything customers need, from the SIM cards and development kits to the connectivity service courtesy of Raco’s (Cincinnati, OH, USA) deals with network operators around the world.

They argue their bundled service will help solutions providers launch products and services more quickly and easily, bringing together all the essentials needed for an M2M deployment.

“We’ve taken pride in making it easy for our partners to succeed in the M2M space,” said John Hubler, the vice president of business development at Raco Wireless. “Partnering with Queclink [Shanghai, China] to deliver this innovative packaged solution takes down even more barriers to the M2M deployment process.”

Raco says the development kit will be made available across four different models of Queclink hardware – the GL200, GL300, GV55 and GV300.

The GL series aims to offer compact products that include advanced power management, water resistance and high-quality GPS and GSM chipsets.

According to Queclink, this makes them suitable for a range of uses, including tracking of lone workers, vehicles, pets and assets.

Meanwhile, the GV vehicle tracker product line comprises a number of miniature devices aimed at a variety of vehicle applications.

With compact designs, these can be easily installed to support the monitoring of driving behavior, making them ideal for insurance and car-leasing applications.

Devices can also be configured to send a variety of reports, including details of driving behavior, GPS position and power usage.

“This collaboration enables us to deliver a package combining our reliable hardware with RacoWireless’ robust data management solutions,” said Adam Liao, the president of Queclink. “As partners, we are able to bundle our solutions in a way that improves the M2M ecosystem and brings convenience to our customers.”

Raco also notes that M2M solutions providers will be integrated into its Omega Management Suite – a device management platform – so they can quickly activate and manage connections.


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