PeopleNet includes Drivewyze app in onboard devices

Telematics player PeopleNet has incorporated a weight station bypass application developed by Drivewyze into its onboard devices.

The PreClear app comes with a complimentary weigh station cost-analysis too, a nationwide “Weigh Station Heads Up” notifications system and a bypass service subscription option.

PeopleNet (Minneapolis, MN, USA) said it was rolling out the app after conducting a successful beta test that included devices installed on trucks from some of the most well-recognized fleets in the US.

“Drivewyze [Edmonton, Canada] PreClear can help our customers achieve greater business efficiencies,” said Elise Chianelli, PeopleNet’s product manager of safety and compliance. “Its powerful weigh station cost-analysis tool calculates the real costs of unplanned delays at weigh stations and helps determine ROI for bypass services.”

The Weigh Station Heads Up service is designed to provide real-time notifications for more than 600 weight stations and inspection sites nationwide, with Drivewyze claiming the app is the only cloud-based service that alerts drivers two miles before they approach a site.

It says this gives fleets the opportunity to earn up to a 98% weigh station bypass rate, depending on safety records.

“The integration of the PreClear inspection site bypass application into PeopleNet is indeed a milestone for Drivewyze,” said Brian Heath, chief executive of Drivewyze.

“PeopleNet is the first to bring to market with us the first and only weigh station bypass service delivered as a cloud-based application using smart mobility technology instead of traditional transponders.”

“And since fleets want all in-cab technology in one place, Drivewyze's ability to integrate with electronic logging device manufacturers and telematics solution providers such as PeopleNet makes it a very appealing solution,” he added.

PeopleNet claims that its products are used by more than 1,750 truckload, LTL, private and energy services fleets across the US and Canada, including a number of Fortune 500 companies.