Numerex launches next generation M2M service delivery platform

On Wednesday, Numerex Corp, a provider of machine-to-machine (M2M) products and services, announced the launch of Numerex FAST 3.0, Numerex's cloud-based M2M platform, which now enables expanded service features and capabilities. FAST 3.0 now includes three service delivery options which can be accessed independently or as a fully integrated solution: Network as a Service (NaaS); Platform as a Service (PaaS); and Software as a Service (SaaS).

"With M2M needs growing exponentially, delivery options are critical. It's an innovative step forward for the industry that Numerex is introducing differentiated cloud solutions for M2M application development to the market,” says Sam Lucero, practice director of M2M & Embedded at analyst firm ABI Research (New York).  “The choices will ensure companies have the ability to implement critical M2M solutions for continued growth.”

Numerex NaaS helps ensure connectivity and is a key component of the "Infrastructure as a Service" provider model. Through NaaS, Numerex (Atlanta, Ga., USA) offers and integrates a variety of cellular, satellite, wired, Wifi and short range wireless options together with add-on functionality such as automated activation and provisioning, policy and threshold management, and fraud detection.

Numerex goes beyond the use of authentication, encryption and virtual private network (VPN) technologies to protect customer data; the company has had ISO/IEC 27001:2005 (international information security standard) certification since 2008. Traceability, version control, documented procedures, access logs and restrictions to information are all addressed under this standard, says the company.

Numerex PaaS provides an environment through which customers can develop, run and test their applications. Central to Numerex PaaS is the ability to access Numerex-hosted web services such as device management, provisioning, location, mapping, geofencing, geocoding, data mining, and business intelligence.

Rounding out the service delivery options, Numerex SaaS is a tool that gives customers’ access to specific Numerex-developed M2M applications hosted in the cloud.

In addition, Numerex has developed a customer portal within FAST 3.0 which provides access to solution management information as well as all Numerex M2M services. Numerex Passport is one of the SaaS applications built upon the web services in Numerex PaaS. Customers can use it as a graphical user interface (GUI) outright or incorporate these device management web services into their own application, says Numerex.

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