NextG-Com launches LTE protocol stack for M2M

UK-based NextG-Com has launched what it claims is the first LTE protocol stack targeting M2M and special applications.

Its ALPs 520 is described as a customizable LTE modem stack that will meet the needs of target niche and special markets such as M2M services, LTE backhaul, relay nodes, routers and gateways.

The technology is suited to a range of M2M applications, says NextG-Com (Staines upon Thames, UK), from low-memory and low-cost M2M applications to high-performance special applications, with or without mobility.

The company also confirms that the ALPS 520 has been fully tested against 3GPP conformance tests as well as non-3GPP test cases.

“Most current LTE solutions do not provide the flexibility and differentiation needed by very diverse emerging industry requirements,” said Denis Bidinost, the chief executive of NextG-Com.

“ALPS 520 and its future derivatives are designed to provide the highly customized connectivity solution that these markets demand,” he added.

The company says the ALPS 520 includes a host of tools that will help to accelerate product development and reduce third-party licensing costs.

“This makes it ideally suited as a non-captive, independent and flexible solution for niche and special LTE markets including M2M,” said NextG-Com in a statement.

The company added that the ALPS 520 includes proven application programming interfaces that can be easily customized based on different physical layer architecture.