New Integer Wireless Experience Center empowers enterprise decision-makers

As the selection of wireless products, networks and services grows, so does the challenge of assembling a solution that meets each enterprise's unique, frequently challenging in-building requirements. To help CIOs, IT managers and other decision-makers make smart choices, Integer Wireless Tuesday founded the Integer Wireless Experience Center, a 10,000-square-foot facility providing a rare, hands-on opportunity to test a wide variety of enterprise-grade wireless solutions from more than 100 vendors, application developers and service providers.

Over the past 16 years, Integer Wireless has led more than 1,000 in-building and campus-wide wireless projects for clients such as Apple, Coors Field, Denver Department of Health, Kaiser Permanente, Hoag Hospital, Hyatt, Intel, NASA and Walmart. The company specializes in designing, installing and optimizing vendor-, operator- and technology-agnostic wireless solutions for a variety of verticals, including health care, general enterprise, sports and entertainment venues, retail stores, government and hospitality.

Developed in partnership with Cisco, Corning Mobile Access and 10 other major technology companies, the Integer Wireless Experience Center is a convenient opportunity for organizations in those verticals to vet their options and custom-build solutions for all types of in-building and campuswide deployments. Opening this fall in Newport Beach, Calif. – a short drive from Orange County's John Wayne Airport and in the heart of Orange County's business district – the Integer Wireless Experience Center will include:

  • Multiple executive briefing rooms, each showcasing an industry-specific set of use-case scenarios, such as a hospital wing or a retail store. Each room will include open-rack, lab-level features, along with on-site engineers, all designed to facilitate testing.
  • A state-of-the-art environment featuring more than $1 million in enterprise-class features such as a Cisco TelePresence suite, as well as Cisco CleanAir technology, a Corning Mobile Access multi-carrier DAS system, real-time location solutions and other advanced technologies – all fully functional and ready for testing by members and guests.
  • A broad, deep selection of enterprise-grade wireless products, applications and services using one or more the following wireless technologies: 3G, LTE, Wi-Fi, RTLS, NFC, RFID, DAS and VHF/UHF public safety.
  • Concierge-level access to vendors, service providers and other Integer Wireless Experience Center partners, including include one-on-one demonstrations, lunch-and-learns, receptions and presentations.
  • Product demonstration and interoperability testing provides participating members and their guests with the opportunity to test interoperability not only between solutions provided by different Integer Wireless Experience Center partners, but also between partner products and their customer's existing solutions.

“The Integer Wireless Experience Center is a unique, convenient opportunity for enterprise decision-makers to custom-build in-building wireless solutions that meet their unique and rapidly changing needs,” said John Clarey, Integer Wireless CEO. “This facility reflects a major reason for Integer Wireless' success over the past 16 years: Our agnostic approach helps enterprises select the right infrastructure package from innovative hardware vendors and evaluate myriad applications, services and networks to create a solution that perfectly matches their requirements.

“That approach frees them from the cost and limitations that come with being locked into a single vendor or service provider ecosystem. With the Integer Wireless Experience Center, we're taking that philosophy to the next level by creating a one-stop shop where decision-makers can learn about their options and leave confident that they're making the smart choice for their organization.”

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