M2M product round-up at CES

This week the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) took place in Las Vegas, Nevada, with more than 3,100 exhibitors showing off the latest technologies and innovations.  According to CES, this year’s show is the largest in its 44 year history, with 1.861 million net square feet of exhibit space.

Many companies - from telecom service providers to vehicle manufacturers - showed off the latest technologies in machine-to-machine (M2M) communications.  Products ranged from 4G antennas for smart grid communication, to gesture and mood recognition technology used in helping viewers choose television programs.  Below is a round-up of some M2M products and concepts showcased at this year’s CES:

TelePresence Tech (Plano, Texas, USA), a 3D telepresence manufacturer, Verizon Wireless (New York) and Alcatel-Lucent (Paris) showcased a TelePresence Tech 4G Kiosk that uses cloud computing and 4G LTE technology to create an interactive personalized shopping experience.  The Kiosk is a three-dimensional display that can feature an endless aisle of products to extend beyond the inventory within the store.

Directed Electronics (Vista, Calif., USA) showcased an application to compliment the remote car-starter.  The technology lets drivers see the car’s current temperature on their smartphones before leaving the house.

Samsung (Seoul, South Korea) announced new extensions to its expanding line-up of smart kitchen appliances, including an application that will allow customers to track expiration dates on products using the refrigerators LCD screen, and a microwave with an LED cook top light that reduces the time, effort and cost of a replacement.

Verizon Wireless (New York) and SkyCross (Viera, Fla., USA) a RF solutions and antenna technology company, announced they incorporated SkyCross 4G LTE antenna modules using SkyCross’s patented iMAT antenna technology. The antenna modules enable a single embedded antenna to behave like multiple antennas and deliver up to 2.5 times increased throughput in 4G LTE wireless devices.  The modules can connect smart grid communications nodes and smart meter infrastructure for measurable and verifiable load resource management in real time. 

TomTom (Amsterdam, Netherlands) announces a three-year agreement with Fisker Automotive (Anaheim, Calif., USA), a manufacturer of electric vehicles, to provide the Fisker Karma sedan with map and location content covering North America (US and Canada), as well as Europe.

NRG’s (Princeton, N.J., USA) exhibit at CES features the Smarter Home on Wheels, a smart energy model that is complete with interactive representations of a living room, kitchen, laundry and office - shows how home network technology, intelligent thermostats and smart energy solutions, including home energy monitors and mobile apps, work together.

Manley Solutions, Inc. (Mission Viejo, Calif., USA), announced its 4G LTE-enabled MS120-V Spider Control Panel that delivers Multi-Point Alarm Sensors utilizing wireless telemetry communication.  The device enables user control and monitoring of a home or office through the use of sensors and video surveillance powered by a cloud-based software.  The system includes HD surveillance cameras, door/window sensors, humidity and carbon monoxide real-time alerts and notifications.

 Ford (Dearborn, Mich., USA) debuted the Roximity app in its Ford Sync infotainment system, which provides a driver with real-time discounts that are linked to their locations and are based on personal preferences.

 Omek Interactive (Bet Shemesh, Israel), a provider of gesture recognition and body tracking technology, and Jinni Media, a maker of taste-and-mood based engine powering video discovery, announced the formation of a partnership to deliver a technology that allows viewers to watch film and television content that is best attuned to their tastes and moods by using gestures to find selections based on rich combinations of attributes. The next phase of the technology involves distinguishing between different individuals based on their skeletal dimensions and other physical attributes. The technology identifies the user and allows the interface to retrieve that user’s pre-calculated set of tastes.


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