M2M companies optimistic about future at CTIA

Reporting live from the floor of the CTIA Enterprise and Applications show in San Diego, California, the M2M Zone has seen new products and announcements from many key players in the industry.  It’s fair to say that overall, the M2M industry is optimistic about the future of the market, as well as the new opportunities for growth opening up in the M2M space.  “We are in the second inning of a 20 inning ballgame,” says Stratton Nicolaides, CEO of Numerex.

Although some would say many of the projections for M2M growth are unrealistically high, all would agree that the outlook looks very promising.  Many companies showed their optimism for the market in the form of innovative new products and announcements.  Some of these key highlights include:

Sprint’s wireless health monitoring.  Sprint’s Emerging Solutions Group announced the deployment of wireless kiosks used to remotely capture a person’s health and medical information and then send it to their health provider.  The kiosks, located anywhere from malls to corporate officers, can measure such things as oxygen levels, blood pressure, pulse and glucose levels, and then automatically send them to your physician for observation.  According to Tom Nelson, GM of Emerging Solutions Group at Sprint, this is ideal for both preventative measures, as well as chronic conditions such as diabetes. 

nPhase “Smart Farm” deployment.  nPhase, along with Trimble Agriculture, has deployed a Connected Farm strategy to help better manage the agriculture industry.  Using Verizon and Vodafone networks, nPhase allows the agriculture industry to use machine-to-machine products to control such things as pest management and harvest time.  According to Steve Pazol, President of nPhase, an unmanned tractor can use connected devices to do such things as assess the moisture levels of the soil and choose which fertilizer is best for a particular crop. 

RACO Wireless showcases Audi A7 Connected vehicle.  John Horn, president of RACO Wireless, showcased the Audi A7 Connected vehicle at the CTIA show on Monday.  The vehicle, which uses the T-Mobile network, Telit modules and RACO Wireless connectivity and SIM management, uses HSPA to stay connected.  The Audi A6, A7 and A8 are all equip with Google voice, and can connect up to five devices on its Wi-Fi at one time, according to Horn.  Other features include live news and weather feeds, online services, and live satellite updates.

Kore Telematics expands Price architecture to 29 markets.  Introduced in North America in 2010, Kore Telematics’ IntelliRate pricing program has expanded in 29 new markets.  The plan, which allows M2M customers to pay automated rate discounts based on the amount of data used, differentiates itself from that of carrier networks.  According to Alex Brisbourne, president and COO of Kore Telemtics, these pay plans are designed for companies that have down months where no data is transmitted, or those with a monthly data backup process, creating a large volume burst of data at regular intervals.  Instead of being charged for unused data, these M2M businesses are charges based on data consumption.  The rates are based on a combination of 10 tiers of data usage and 7 geographic coverage areas, according to Kore.

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