Logic PD, SeeControl team up to spur M2M development

Systems integrator Logic PD and M2M specialist SeeControl have formed a partnership aimed at speeding up the development of Internet of Things (IoT) services.

Through the tie-up, SeeControl (Redwood City, CA, USA) will provide an IoT platform and associated integration methodology to support Logic PD’s (Minneapolis, MN, USA) Adrenaline series – a service designed to let customers test M2M concepts they intend to bring to market.

The Adrenaline series includes a one-day business modeling workshop, a rapid prototype process and a pilot service for testing concepts without incurring substantial start-up costs.

Logic PD says it already has a proven track record of developing market-specific IoT solutions.

In one example, it helped develop a connected device for patient management that collects information from a pacemaker and sends it to a physician, reducing the need for trips to a doctor’s premises.

Another in the agricultural sector saw Logic PD use GPS satellites to plot straight crop rows, and use RFID and diagnostic sensors – connected to the cloud – to develop big data solutions for diagnosing animal health in the field.

“We can be the system integrator that manufacturers need to bring a product or solution offering to a specific market,” says Scott Nelson, Logic PD’s chief technology officer and executive vice president. “We first look at the market and application needs and then identify which technologies make the most sense to develop an IoT solution that our customers’ end users will value and adopt.”

Nelson says partnering with SeeControl made sense because both companies are focused on a “user-centered, lean start-up methodology”.

“No other product development firm has this concept-to-application capability that helps customers figure out the entire solution from business plan, to technology, to profitability and user experience,” he claimed.

The Nexus platform developed by SeeControl is designed to organize and “make sense” of data generated by Internet of Things applications and is used by customers including ABB (Zurich, Switzerland), HP (Palo Alto, CA, USA) and Fujitsu (Tokyo, Japan).