Lantronix to provide professional services to M2M customers

Device maker Lantronix has set up a new professional services business aimed at assisting customers with the development and introduction of customized M2M applications and solutions.

The company said the range of services spanned minor engineering to large, enterprise-level projects and included developing fully customized versions and deployments of Lantronix (Irvine, CA, USA) products.

“Today, more and more companies are seeking M2M solutions that enable them to securely connect to and manage the machines that are critical to their business operations,” said Kurt Busch, president and chief executive officer of Lantronix. “We believe our professional services will help us to create deeper relationships with our customers and end-users of our products.”

Lantronix appears to have made the professional services move in anticipation of explosive growth in the M2M market.

It cites a forecast from IDC that the components, processes and supporting IT and connectivity for the Internet of Things will generate revenues of $8.9 trillion by 2020, by when there will be an estimated 212 billion connected devices – up from just 15 billion today.

“Developing and deploying the right M2M solution can be a complex process,” said Daryl Miller, vice president of engineering at Lantronix. “Lantronix takes pride in helping our customers to create innovative M2M solutions with the highest level of reliability.”

“Our professional services will enable customers to tap into our extensive expertise to quickly deploy a best-in-class solution,” added Miller.

Lantronix is likely to face strong competition in the professional services area from other M2M device makers that have been trying to dominate other parts of the M2M value chain.

Nevertheless, the company says it plans to help customers with every stage of implementing an M2M solution, from planning, assessment and design to implementation, testing and post-deployment support.

Lantronix says it already provides comprehensive, real-time device management and diagnostic tools to customers with existing M2M installments.