Kamstrup to provide smart meters to eight Danish utilities

Danish smart-meter specialist Kamstrup says it has won a contract with a consortium of eight Danish utilities requiring it to provide more than 150,000 smart meters over a three-year period.

MV Group, the consortium, is introducing smart meters as part of a project to create a smart grid that will lead to efficiency improvements and various other benefits.

“With these meter replacements, we are looking forward to offer the most modern technology on the market to our customers, who will be able to follow their energy usage in detail and decrease it accordingly,” said Per Nielsen, a technical manager with the MV Group.

Besides helping customers to reduce their energy consumption, the smart grid should also allow the utilities that form part of MV Group to lower their operational costs.

“There is no doubt that our new smart metering system will give all companies a lower total cost per year, and we expect a payback time of just 7–10 years,” said Nielsen.

Kamstrup (Skandeborg, Denmark) says the system it will provide is based on its OMNIA Smart Grid suite covering electricity, heat and water meters.

The company also explained that all meters would be connected to the same system delivering “big data” services to the utilities – allowing the energy providers to “benefit from a fine-grained picture of supply and consumption”.

The Danish Energy Agency requires all electricity meters in the country to include technology that allows them to be read remotely by 2020 – allowing consumers to monitor consumption in real time.

Under a smart grid strategy announced in April 2013, the Danish government is aiming to make the grid “intelligent and ready for the green transition”, according to Kamstrup.

“We are very pleased with the agreement with MV Group,” said Per Asmussen, Kamstrup’s chief executive. “The announcement was expected in the whole industry and will mean that all the investment plans that were already made by energy supply companies in Denmark finally can start and be carried out.”