Japan's IIJ to launch new M2M offers

Japanese M2M operator Internet Initiative Japan (IIJ) says it will strengthen its service line-up with the launch of two new M2M data communications services on 17 February.

IIJ (Tokyo, Japan) Mobile M2M Access Service is described by the company as a less-expensive, M2M-based version of its IIJ Mobile Service, which the operator provides to enterprise customers as an MVNO.

The other new offer is branded IIJ SMS Push Service, and is intended to be a system for controlling the transmission of text messages to M2M devices.

IIJ says its solutions enable secure, two-way communications between devices via specialized data center gateways, including its IIJ GIO Remote Access Service and IIJ Mobile Large-Scale Private Gateway Service.

The new IIJ Mobile M2M Access Service will provide wireless data communications from the gateway to the device for as little as JPY300 ($3) a month, says IIJ.

Connections from the device will be limited to the gateway to ensure the security of data transmission to company-internal systems and systems on the IIJ cloud.

IIJ also says it will offer two rate plans – one that offers high-speed communications, but only at night, and one that offers a round-the-clock service at slower speeds.

IIJ claims that the system for controlling the time of access under the high-speed plan is the first of its kind in the industry.

The operator already supports business applications such as traffic control, fire alarms, security systems and logistics and says advances are being made in areas like automatic data collection.

An internet-access and network solutions provider, IIJ caters mainly to high-end corporate customers, providing services including systems integration, cloud computing and internet access.

It also maintains one of the largest internet backbone networks in Japan, which connects to the US, the UK and Asia.