Itron releases smart grid analytics software applications

Itron, Inc. announced on Tuesday that it has released specialized analytic software applications built on its Active Smart Grid Analytics (ASA) platform. Each application is bundled with Itron's Analytic Accelerators and Extension Toolkits, which help utilities take advantage of smart grid data, says the company

Built to leverage Itron's (Liberty Lake, Wash., USA) metering, communication network and meter data management (MDM) services, these analytic applications provide actionable business intelligence to enable specific smart grid services for distribution operations, revenue cycle services and customer engagement, says Itron. Each analytic application comes with an Accelerator and Extension Toolkit. Each Accelerator provides a fully functional set of analytic dashboards and reporting tools, but also establishes a launching point to develop analytic solutions using the ASA Extension Toolkits, according to Itron.

Itron's ASA solution, embedded with technology from SAP, IBM and Teradata, creates a platform to incorporate data warehousing, business intelligence, interval meter data and analytic methods.

Energy Diversion Detection, Transformer Load Management and Power Quality analytics are the first analytic applications to be released on the ASA platform. Energy Diversion Detection analytics employ a variety of methods to analyze meter alerts, energy and voltage measurements, energy balancing and usage patterns to identify energy diversion and meter tampering on a system-wide scale, says Itron.

Itron's Transformer Load Management analytics monitor and identify under-utilized, over-utilized and at-risk transformers throughout the distribution system. The kit evaluates kVA utilization, percent loss of life, top oil and hot spot temperatures, increasing the visibility and management of this key utility asset.

The Power Quality analytics enable utilities to measure performance throughout the delivery system by monitoring voltage, outage and restoration data from the grid. This system-wide monitoring allows the utility to identify opportunities for Voltage Optimization and evaluate the effectiveness of energy-saving measures deployed, says the company.

ASA Accelerators are designed to allow for expansion with the use of Itron's ASA Extension Toolkits. By customizing Accelerators, utilities can create specific business processes, reports or interfaces to other enterprise solutions.

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