Itron launches gas analytics service for North American customers

Energy-management specialist Itron has launched a new analytics service aimed at helping gas providers to improve operational efficiency and asset management.

The new service is aimed at utilities in North America and analyzes data from Itron’s (Liberty Lake, WA, USA) gas meters, communications modules and sensing devices to help utilities overcome problems related to aging infrastructure, rising demand and safety concerns.

According to Itron, the service includes a data store that is optimized for analytics, business intelligence dashboards and gas-utility-specific analytics.

It also features modules addressing revenue protection, district metering and cathodic protection so that utilities can better manage the delivery and use of gas.

The user interface is designed so that gas utility personnel can easily access and analyze critical information about their system, says Itron.

In addition, installation can be done either locally or by Itron as part of a “managed services offering”.

In the latter instance, Itron operates and manages the analytics service and also provides operational recommendations to utilities, which – it claims – means they can more easily focus on their core operations.

“Safety, reliability and efficiency are key to the future of gas distribution,” said Carl Porter, the vice president of sales, marketing and delivery for Gas North America at Itron.

“The launch of Itron Analytics for gas is a great example of how Itron listens to our customers’ needs and delivers solutions that help meet their business objectives.”

Itron describes the new gas analytics service as a part of a growing family of analytics services that now spans multiple commodities and applications and are designed to turn data into faster and more informed decision-making.

The company claims that its analytics services combine geographic information systems, customer information and other databases to give utilities the tools to “manage, interpret and act on increasingly large and complex smart metering information”.